Krug Tryptique d. 1998

by amantduvin

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Krug is a traditional Champagne house with a contemporary touch, and an artistic aspect.

Joseph Krug kept a carnet of notes in a little book that was discovered in the house archives this year. The cover of book is the same colour as the red Krug logo. In this book Joseph Krug wrote his vision of luxury without compromise and proposed only prestige cuvées from a large palette.

The Krug Gallery of Reserves is an architecural work of stainless steel tanks, reminiscent of the luminiscent autre-noir paintings of Soulages, that contribute 35 to 50% each year to Grand Cuvée. “This blended wine reconciles all paradoxes in one taste” explained oenologist Julie Cavil, with up to 120 vins clairs assembled from 8 to 12 different millésimes. It  takes a minimum of 17 years to make this consistent, multi dimensional blend. The youngest components are already relatively mature at 6 years and the vins de reserves then range 10, 15 20 to 25 years old.

In contrast to the multi vintage, Krug millésimé vintage wines are by nature not consistent and can change dramatically.

Harvest dates are decided on high acidity and low pH levels rather than maturity.

It takes 1000 tastings of vins clairs by each member of the tasting team over 5 months to construct the assemblage. Seven tasters including the Chef de Caves Eric La Belle and Rémi, the fifth generation Henri and sixth generation OlivierKrug.

It is still November but the team has already started tasting vins clairs twice a week, then four times, and finally each morning at 11 am until March.  

Krug Clos de Mesnil and Clos d’Ambonnay current vintage wines stay close to theirs Clos in small cellars from harvest until soutirage (racking), which will take place in Le Mesnil sur Oger on Monday 29 November, before arriving in Reims to continue their production.

All wines undergo primary fermentation in traditional Champagne 205 litre barrels. Malo-lactic fermentation is never encouraged, but if it does start naturally it is not stopped.

Following mis-en-bouteille, multi vintage Krug is aged minimium 6 years, and vintage Krug 10 years.

When bottles of an exceptional vintage wine become limited, they are conserved under the title “Krug Collection” in the underground cellars.

Krug is also creative with multi-media using contemporary artists and provocative advertising.

After viewing the three Galleries of Reserves, three Krug champagnes were presented to taste:

Krug Clos de Mesnil 1998
One vintage, one vineyard, one variety. Chardonnay from the Clos de Mesnil in Mesnil sur Oger, Côte des Blancs.

Krug 1998
Three varieties that surpass the notion of origin and terroir to interpret the year.

Krug Grande Cuvée
A blend of opposites.

Krug. Thanks.

Visit 25 November 2010