Champagne Truffles

by amantduvin

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Chocolate truffles made with champagne are delicious dreams blended from two of the most wonderful ingredients that exist.

Chocolate and champagne make a perfect gastronomic, indulgent, pleasurable and romantic match. They whisper toghether ssshhhocolate and ssshhhampange, yet are both explosive balls of chocolate and bubbles of champagne.

The couture chocolatiers in France do not make champagne flavoured truffles (any reference to Fine Champagne will be made with Cognac). Parisien truffles are plain and pure in the style of espresso cafés and chocolat noir, however, they do suggest that you drink champagne while you eat them.

The English not only put the bubbles in champagne, they put the champagne in chocolate. Milk, dark, white and pink champagne truffles are created by chocolate makers in London are described as: “fine”, “handmade”, “specialty”, “artisan”, “bespoke” “exclusive” and “boutique”.


Demarquette Champagne Truffles made with Dom Perignon

Unlike most champagne truffles which are made using ‘Marc de Champagne’ our unique recipe uses only real vintage Brut Champagne (Dom Perignon Champagne) blended with our very own secret recipe of cocoas from around the world and the very best Cornish and Hampshire creams. We then hand-dip each truffle in our award-winning 65% couverture chocolate before dusting them with pure cocoa powder. Due to the freshness of the ingredients this product should be consumed within two weeks.

Photos courtesy of Demarquette.

The Royal Opera House Champagne Truffle Exclusively by Demarquette

Commissioned by the Royal Opera House to create a unique and exclusive truffle using their own house champagne – a partnership born out of a shared passion for creativity, originality and uncompromising quality.

Marc has chosen his award-winning 65% dark house chocolate blend from the best criollo cacao crops from the Carribean and Latin America which perfectly carries the delicate flavour of the Royal Opera House champagne.

The Royal Opera House Champagne Truffle is exclusive to the Royal and Directors Boxes.

William Curley Champagne truffles made with Champagne Moutard

William Curley Champagne truffles are made with Champagne Moutard which only uses the Pinot Noir grapes. It is an elegant and subtle light ganache dusted with icing sugar. Another truffle creation uses Nocal Vintage Port.

 Champagne Truffle Box (110g)

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (Cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla), Champagne, unsalted butter, cream, invert sugar and icing sugar

The chocolates are handmade so sizes will occasionally vary. Champagne Truffle Box 110 g £12.50; 230g £22.50; 480g £48.01

Paul Young House Collection Champagne Truffle

Made with real Champagne. Luxurious and indulgent chocolates made from the finest ingredients.

£2 (boxes of 4 (£6.50), 9 (£14), 15 (£22), 24 (£34) and 35 truffles (£47.50).

Booja Booja Organic Champagne Truffles made with Champagne Fleury

Deeply luxurious truffles inebriated with organic French champagne. These Booja Booja champagne truffles are soft, smooth and utterly delicious. There is approximately 150g of these organic champagne truffles for you to enjoy. Booja Booja chocolates are made in a factory that does not use any dairy or wheat products. Additional dietary information: Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and vegan. Ingredients:Dark Chocolates (Cocoa Solids 56%, Cane Sugar, Soya.  £10.98



Hope & Greenwood Champagne and Pink Champagne Truffles

Purveyors of splendid confectionary. Polish your tiara and dust off your tails. Mr. Greenwood’s Champagne and Pink Champagne Truffles, made from butter and fresh cream, will chauffeur your taste buds in the Bentley, calling in at Asprey and on to The Grand for supper.

Best of British Champagne Box £15.99

Hope and Greenwood love British things like Sausage and Mash, Joyce Grenfell and Looby Lou. We are damn proud of our British Chocolate too, so here is a selection of 16 of our finest Champagne Truffles, Pink Champagne, Dusted White Champagne, Bucks Fizz and Milk Champagne. As British as straightening your seams and having a good old boogie.—Champagne-Box/

Charbonnel et Walker Milk & Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles and Hearts

These exquisite truffles are made in the Charbonnel et Walker facilities in Royal Tunbridge Wells from the finest ingredients. Butter is folded into melted milk chocolate and alcohol is added such as decadent Marc de Champagne. The mixture is whisked to form a thick ganache and the truffles are then surrounded by a coating of fine chocolate and are lightly dusted in icing sugar. The truffles are hand-placed in paper cups into beautiful cylindrical packaging with gold detailing and finished in-store with a perfectly positioned bow.

Milk & Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles 650g (£40)

Marc de Champagne Truffle Collection

Contains Milk Marc de Champagne Truffles, Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles and Bucks Fizz Truffles Available in 135g (£11.50) and 275g (£21.50) sizes

Marc de Champagne Truffes

Lightly dusted truffles with a milk chocolate and Marc de Champagne centre. Available in 135g (£11.50) and 275g (£21.50) sizes

Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles

Lightly dusted pink coloured truffles with a milk chocolate butter and Marc de Champagne centre. Available in 135g (£11.50) and 275g (£21.50) sizes.
Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle Hearts 

Dark Marc de Champagne Truffle Hearts


Milk chocolate, butter and Marc de Champagne truffle centre enrobed in a pink chocolate shell. Pink or dark 120 g £11.50 

Melt Marc de Champagne Bonbon

Fresh Chocolates

Using Marc de Champagne, a strong cognac made from the pressed skins of grapes from the Champagne region in France, and a blend of fine white and milk chocolate and organic cream, we have created a classic Champagne truffle with citrus notes balanced by the sweetness of icing sugar. A classic bonbon with a modern, fresh, twist.

Ingredients: Cream, milk chocolate 35% min (cocoa butter, whole milk powder, sugar, cocoa beans, brown sugar, natural vanilla extract, soya lecithin, barley malt extract), cognac, glucose, milk, icing sugar.

£18 box of 10

Rococo Pink Champagne Truffles and Popping Champagne Truffles

Our delicious Pink Champagne truffles are handmade with dark chocolate and coated in blushing white chocolate. They are decorated with crystallised rose petals and presented in an oval Rococo box£ 12.50

Popping Champagne Truffles

Our new delicious Popping Champagne Truffles are made from Valrhona Jivara milk chocolate, and gently explode in the mouth. They are decorated with a dusting of gold and sprinkled on top are silver leaf almond nougatine. Presented in beautiful Rococo oval box clear lid, £12.50

Montezuma’s Marc de Champagne Collection

Award Winning British Chocolate

Four different styles of Champagne truffle, using our unique delicate Champagne ganache and blend and enrobe it in either milk, dark or white chocolate to give a delicate Champagne flavour balanced against fabulous chocolate. The fourth truffle is a gorgeous summery Strawberry Champagne. Every truffle is handmade by skilled chocolatiers who pass all their pride and passion into great chocolate. Gluten free and GM free.

Medium box 225 g 16 truffles £10.99
Large box 350g 25 truffles £15.99

Prestat Marc de Champagne Truffle Collection

A selection of dark, milk, pink, strawberry and Kir Royal Marc de Champagne truffles.

Minimum cocoa & milk solids content: Dark chocolate: cocoa 60%, Milk chocolate: cocoa 33%; Milk 20%, White/pink chocolate: cocoa 26%; milk 28%.

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, glucose, Marc de Champagne (3%), butter, sorbitol (soya lecithin), citrid acid, ascorbic acid, natural vanilla, natural strawberry colour.

Net wt. 210g £15.31



Fornum & Mason Marc de Champagne Truffles

Milk chocolate truffles are infused with Marc de Champagne, an intense alcohol distilled from champagne grapes. Made to an exclusive recipe for Fortnum’s, these are uniquely delicious.

Our signature Marc de Champagne truffles with one crucial difference – they are coated in pale pink chocolate to make a very pretty gift. Made with Marc de Champagne, an intense alcohol distilled from champagne grapes, they are as delicious as they look.

250 g £20,9578.aspx